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Rely On Our Massage Therapy and Care in Juneau, AK

Our Massage Therapists are Miranda Martin and Keith Tangburn. At Alaska Health Options, our team of chiropractors and massage therapists are here to do one thing: help our patients achieve a better quality of life. You might be surprised at how the simplest of lifestyle changes can help you. And that's why we're here! Massage therapy can treat a variety of injuries especially when used in conjuction with other therapies. We use Swedish massage, facial massage, hard and soft tissue massages, and trigger points to help treat your injuries.

It's part of the overall chiropractic treatment at our clinic and can improve stress, your circulatory system, pregnancy discomfort, back pain, muscle spasms and alleviate headaches. That's why our team of chiropractors in Juneau, AK is certified to give the best and most relevant advice and massage therapy available in the Juneau area.
We're the best of the best for massage therapy in Juneau  


At Alaska Health Options in Juneau, we take pride in hiring only the best of the best when it comes to chiropractors and massage therapists. That's why we insist that the educational level of each and every one of our team members reaches the highest levels of excellence. When you put your trust in us, you're quite simply putting your trust in the best.


When it comes to Juneau area chiropractors and massage therapy, the team at Alaska Health Options is the best you'll find. Between each and every team member here, we've seen and heard it all! Our chiropractors consult with each other routinely. So you can rest assured that if your issue seems out of the ordinary, there's a good chance that one or more of our chiropractors have either heard of it, or dealt with similar issues. No matter what you're experiencing, we can help.


At Alaska Health Options in Juneau, the primary goal is to provide our patients with effective treatment options such as massage therapy for pain or discomfort. At the end of the day, we'll do what we can to make sure you get the best treatment available, even if that means referring you to another doctor! Effective care means making sure our patients are treated thoroughly and well, no matter what. So make an appointment today, we'll take care of you!
Man receives massage therapy in Juneau, AK
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